Self-made, November 2022, acrylic on canvas, 6’10” x 11’

This painting is the final result of the Self-made performance art. After dancing with paint on top of the canvas sheet I built a large frame and stretched the corners of the canvas to create an archival result for the performance. This view is from the solo gallery exhibition Cadences, this past January.

This image provides a close-up view of the painterly technique. Here the hand marks and footprints are obvious. Also shows that the paint itself is not matte, but has a glimmering sparkle in some areas.

In this video, I use my experience in synchronized swimming to choreograph a dance outside the water and on the canvas. This piece is called self-made because, with no prior dance professional training, I have choreographed and performed a complex routine that moves paint around a canvas. The piece was recorded using serval camera angles including a drone that captures the aerial view of the canvas.

Self-made, 2022, 18” x 36” x 0.25”, Acrylic paint on cotton t-shirt and shorts

This composition shows the result of the performance and how the custom and artist become a part of the art. The clothes hang in the gallery to create a 3-dimensional artist’s figure. As the hanger delicately suspends the clothes viewers’ gust of wind when walking by the piece makes the art turn 360, bringing reality and movement to the figure.  

Pirouette, 2022, Acrylic on recycled plywood, 12” x 18”

On top of a recycled piece of plywood, I pour various colors of acrylic paint and use my feet movements as the brush in this painting. The painting resembles the consistent repetition in dance to get movements and sequences perfect, as I repeat the same pirouette several times.