ZINELAND: It’s a Zine World Afterall, Satellite Project Space, London ON, 2023

artists: Bridget Leslie, Bridget Koza, Sophie Wu, Finn Rose, Rachael Jensen, Kristyna Reedon, Celine Tsang, Joyce Leung, Shai Butler, Matthew Dawkins, Kirat Walia, Angelina Havaris, Tiffany Lin

Welcome to “Zineland: It’s a Zine World, After All!”, the fourth-year Capstone Project by students from Western University’s School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH). As a group of thirteen artists, our class has created an exhibition which aims to represent the culmination of our learning and development over the past four years.
SASAH is an interdisciplinary program with a focus on diversity, community, and learning with humanity. Students complete SASAH alongside a second major of their choice, resulting in a wide range of interests and knowledge within our community. Our diverse areas of study, combined with a passion for the arts, have given rise to a tightly-knit collective full of distinct talents.
As a cohort, we felt this unique togetherness was best represented through a collection of handmade zines. We see ourselves as a “ziney” community—a patchwork of personal insights, arts, and culture. 
We invite you to flip through our zines and explore. Think about what your own zine might be about. What would it look like? How would it represent you? We believe this exhibition has the power to spark conversation, foster community, and showcase the diversity of thought and experience that exists within our SASAH cohort.

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Cadences, Satellite Project Space, London ON, 2023

Through a multi-media exhibition, Bridget Koza connects the world of art and dance through the meaning of cadences. A cadence is a rhythmic flow of a sequence in multiple avenues: through speech, musical beat, measurement of movement, dance, visual patterns, and time. Each of the four projects is a different cadence in life, a different medium, and a different interpretation. Together the artworks inspire viewers to let go of insecurities, become expressive and embed themselves into the art form. Koza’s work aims to disrupt the barriers of perfectionism, highlight the benefits of dance and art, and develop connections between visual art and the non-archival world. 

What happens when we get out of our heads and focus on our physical movements? Koza always had an interest in dance and never left her home until she performed with paint and a canvas at IMMEDIATE, a student lead multi-media performance. In her action paintings, Koza layers shades of one colour to resemble the diversity in the music and express what the music sounds look like visually. Through acrylic paintings and drawings, Koza displays her lifelong experience competing as a synchronized swimmer through the imagery of water, figures, and aquatic creatures. Synchronizing the body to music through movement removes oneself in time and focuses on the art form. Dance and art make one feel unison and develop a greater sense of self.

The exhibition is a journey over four years, fostering a deeper connection between dance, music, and art. Each artwork challenges the viewer to expand their interactions with art and the new worlds created when combining multiple elements. The work furthermore questions: does art follow patterns? how is rhythmic flow determined? how can we connect two different worlds to produce something new?

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IMMEDIATE, Museum London, London ON, 2022

IMMEDIATE is a media performance by the students of the 2022/2023 Capstone Class from the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities at The University of Western Ontario. These artists have been working all semester on their final project, which is a live performance in two media. The exhibition was a night of storytelling, poetry, textile arts, video poems, photo montage, dance and music. Curated and presented by Western’s Alice Munro Chair in Creativity, writer and performer, Ivan Coyote. This event is produced by SASAH and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in partnership with WordsFest London.

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Annual Juried Exhibition, ArtLab, London ON, 2023

Celebrating twenty-one years the “Annual Juried Exhibition” continues to be one of the Department of Visual Arts most highly anticipated undergraduate exhibitions. This diverse show supports the production of new work made in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, print, video, and photography. Exhibited works were selected by a professional jury who consider creativity, concept, materiality and technique. This year’s show is indicative of the resilience and dedication our students continue to demonstrate.

Featuring work by: Tammy Abela, Bridget Beardwood, Laila Bloomstone, John Cocker, Giulia Commisso, Stefania Dragalin, Kate Dunn, Sebastian Evans, Cheyne Ferguson, Megan Goddard, Morea Haloftis, Katelyn Halter, Emma Hardy, Emily Kings, Bridget Koza, Victoria Kyriakides, Myles Lynch, Darcy McVicar, Grace Maier, Amy Murray, Venus Nwaokoro, Dhra Patel, Olivia Pattison, Bridget Puhacz, Michaela Purcell, Hilary Rutherford, Chloe Serenko, Abbygale Shelley, Marissa Slack, Maggie Shook, Madison Teeter,  Timothy Wiebe, Sophie Zhang

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Everyday Life, Satellite Project Space, London ON, 2023

This semester, second-year students were tasked with a deliberately open-ended “Everyday Life Project.” Their assignment: to commit to a weekly practice with the goal of shifting their habits of attention. Beyond this minimal directive, the only guideline given to students was to try to forge new connections between their daily lives and lives beyond their own. Such a guideline poses particular challenges in the context of a global pandemic, but the class has proved remarkably resourceful in creating community under constrained conditions. Three students featured in this exhibition, Bridget Koza, Azadeh Odlin, and Sophie Wu, anchored their projects in an area of London called “The Coves,” a tangled network of ponds, ravines, and trails that once served as a runoff for a paint factory. Within walking distance of the city centre, the Coves is a wilderness hiding in plain sight. We found an ideal guide through this unique ecosystem in Michelle Wilson, a Ph.D. candidate in Visual Arts who will incorporate these students’ work into a large-scale Coves community art project. Under Michelle’s guidance, students became intimate with the Coves through a variety of hands-on practices: mapping trails, collecting and identifying plant specimens, picking up trash, harvesting and processing natural clay, and using phytoremediation techniques to clean up polluted soil, air and water. Other students, such as Shai Butler, took a more introspective approach to their everyday life projects, exploring the potential for contemplative practices to extend into processes of community-building.