Atheletics and Art

Beneath the Surface, Acrylic on cardstock, 8” x 10”, 2020

This painting is a recreation of an underwater photo of my teammate performing a split potion. The photo gives a perspective of artistic swimming people don’t often see when watching above water and shows the hard-working side of the sport that is not often seen.

Swimming, Acrylic on canvas 25”x50”

The acrylic painting on canvas represents and reimagines my experience as a competitive synchronized swimmer. Swimming was created as my passion for the sport was rekindled after the pandemic, diving back into the pool again. The figure is strong and confident breaking through the surface. The imaginative aquatic elements and organic painterly style transform the body of water into an imaginative and playful space.

Running, March 2022, Acrylic on Canvas,

Acrylic on Canvas, 44″ x 34″ , 2022

The goal of this painting is to embrace the ever-changing force of nature and all its complexities. From an ant’s point of view, I paint a distorted scene of a runner running through the woods. While the sun is out, and the runner is wearing shorts there are no leaves on the trees and there is constant snow falling down.